September 13, 2016

WZA bearings are key to a new generation of lightweight automotive machine tool spindles from Vigel

WZA, the knowledge engineering company, has developed a performance bearing arrangement that forms the heart of a new generation of machine tool spindles. These have been designed by Vigel S.p.A., the leading Italian manufacturer of advanced CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining centres, and are a key step in the company’s program of improving still further the performance, accuracy and functionality of its machine tools

WZA Bearing exhibition

WZA Bearing exhibition

Preparation of recommended lubrication & heat balances

Through close cooperation and joint research projects with partners from the lubricant industry you already can determine the optimal choice of materials and adequate lubrication just during the construction process of a bearing.

Lifetime calculations

WZA Bearing offers an individual lifetime calculation for all types of bearings with simultaneous consideration to the application field which the roller bearing will be made for. This can show efficiency and reliability of the roller bearings even before they are working in an application.

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